Hero Shiba Inu is a meme cryptocurrency, but has a super power that will fly to the moon, the longer you hold HERO SHIBA INU the more exponential rewards you receive in hero shiba inu cryptocurrency. Keep holding and get free passive income delivered to your wallet automatically, no need to staking or mining or claim your rewards.


Hero Shiba Inu started as a fair launch decentralized cryptocurrency, owned and governed by the community from the outset, Everyone can participate on equal footing.️ There is no early access, pre-mine, or allocation of tokens. There is Tax fee is 10% fixed unchangeable by the owner or anyone, this 10% deliver as rewards 3% to all holders based on holding amount, 5% auto liquidity, and 2% for to support marketing wallet.

1 Quadrillion

Total Supply


Liquidity Provided




Burned At Launch


We are inspiring by shiba inu, and we follow the same roadmap as possible, keep this project to be driven by community and we will push it as we can. listing on dex and marketing also community adoption with the trust of holders is our key to success.

Phase 1

Website creation
Contract Deploy
Influencers Marketing

Phase 2

CoinMarketCap Listing
Coingecko Listing
Airdrop Rewards
Burn Event

Phase 3

Community Development
More Developers Join The Team
Bigger Marketing Plans

Phase 4

Team KYC
Audits Contract
Dex Platforms
NFT Launch
Organic Growth


The team is one of the first holders in the Shiba Inu Coin when released at August 2020, and because the Shiba Inu project is not scalable, we want to do something different with a team that loves this project and they believe in hero shiba inu.

Founder Nikita Gavrilov
Nikita Gavrilov

Никита Гаврилов


Founder Nikita Gavrilov
Spartacus Izmailov

Спартак Измайлов


Founder Nikita Gavrilov
Zeynep Sonmez

Zeynep Sönmez

Advisor/Creative Work




Most frequently questioned answers about hero shiba inu

Buy $HSHIBA and hold them. You will get 3% on each transaction deposited to your wallet automatically.

Click on buy button and follow the steps.

Yes ,the liquidity pool is locked for 1 year.

No, Team has 0% of tokens and we have only marketing 2% tax.

Airdrops are sent randomly to holders.